Laughter Yoga with Gita

Certified Laughter Yoga
Leader Training

This is a 2-day training where you’ll not only learn how to lead a Laughter Yoga session with a variety of students, but you’ll have lots of time and support to practice your skills in your own unique way.


This experiential (and often life-transforming) Certified Laughter Yoga Leader training will:

  • Give you a thorough understanding of Laughter Yoga
  • Give you the assurance to confidently describe it
  • Provide hundreds of exercise ideas
  • Add more laughter into your life by helping you understand the “Inner Spirit of Laughter”
  • Show you how to release tension in a safe and positive way
  • Inspire and empower you to start your own Laughter Club
  • Teach you the skills and give you the confidence to teach Laughter Yoga classes, both with the general public and special needs groups

“Laughter is the sensation of feeling good all over and showing it principally in one place.”

— Josh Billings

You will learn to:

  • Discuss the history of Therapeutic Laughter and Laughter Yoga
  • Describe the benefits and contra-indications of Laughter Yoga
  • Explain why humor, happiness or reason are not necessary to laugh
  • Organize a public seminar on Laughter Yoga
  • Understand group dynamics and how to effectively manage group laughter with a variety of participants (children, seniors, etc.)
  • Explain the “Inner Spirit of Laughter” and how to add more laughter into your life
  • Take groups to deeper levels of joy and inner peace through Laughter Meditation
  • Implement Laughter Yoga in a corporate setting
  • Implement Laughter Yoga for seniors or special needs groups
  • Market your services


You will receive:

  • “Certified Laughter Yoga Leader” certificate
  • Free basic listing as Laughter Yoga Professional on Dr. Kataria’s website (optional)
  • Comprehensive Training E-Manual
  • Discount on Dr. Kataria’s book “Laugh for No Reason”

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