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laughing woman

“I just wanted to write to say the residents just LOVED the class today and word is spreading!

I am getting SEVERAL requests to have the class more often!

This seems to be something that is getting them out of their rooms, which isn’t happening much lately!

THANKS for making us laugh!”

Ashley Lingham,
Program Director,
The Forum at Tucson

“Gita did a great job facilitating. She is inspirational!”

“This is fun!”


“Learned to laugh about nothing!”

“I learned how to laugh alone.”

“I loved the breathing and laughter exercises.”

“Big help for “off” times.”

“The Laughter Yoga retreat exceeded my expectations!”

“I liked the exercises and group interaction.”

“This is a great class, instructor and learning experience. I will gladly recommend this to others!”

“Good voice training exercises.”

“Gita was great!”

“I loved the enthusiasm and shared interaction.”

“Excellent leadership!”

“Wonderful experience, great group atmosphere and participation. Good to see PD friends. Outstanding instructor!!! Thanks Gita.”

“Didn’t realize laughing could help so much!”

Participants at the
Tucson Laughter Yoga Retreat
for people with Parkinson’s disease,
their families and friends

Laughter is an instant vacation.

—Milton Berle

After just one week of doing the “homework” for Gita’s Laughter Yoga class for people with Parkinson’s disease, I was astonished to discover that my voice, while singing in church, was strong enough for me to hear again, for the first time in several years since Parkinson’s disease had robbed me of the quality of my singing voice! I highly (and LOUDLY) recommend Laughter Yoga with Gita for anyone, and especially for people with Parkinson’s who want to strengthen their voice in a very fun and easy way!

Jim James,
Retired Air Force Captain
and State of Arizona Client Advocate

Laughter Yoga is BIG medicine!

I was so HAPPY to meet Gita and discover Laughter Yoga. She is remarkable! Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) herself, Gita is a great role model, mentor and teacher for people with PD. Laughter Yoga with Gita is a natural extension of the principles of LSVT® BIG – a physical therapy approach developed for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Both approaches empower people with a new way of coping with everyday life — anywhere/anytime!

Laughter yoga

For example, BIG teaches people a new movement strategy — Think BIG! Laughter Yoga teaches people a new emotional strategy for dealing with everyday stress/anxiety — Think HAPPY! Just like the production of larger, normal size movements initially feel “too big” and “awkward” — the production of laughter at first feels “too loud” and “too effortful.” However, with repetition and positive reinforcement people “relearn” what normal REALLY feels like! Soon, these retrained skills become more spontaneous as people learn to self-monitor their movements and emotional responses during everyday life.

I highly recommend Laughter Yoga with Gita and a daily dose of BIG LAUGHTER for everyone!

— Becky G. Farley, PhD, MS, PT
LSVT® BIG Inventor
Research Assistant Professor, Department Physiology,
University of Arizona

Everyone loved Laughter Yoga with Gita at the LifeForce Yoga Retreat & Training in Tucson. I want her back at all of my retreats – by popular demand! She is joyful, in the moment, and an inspiration to all of us.  Don't miss an opportunity to practice Laughter Yoga with Gita!

— Amy Weintraub
author of Yoga for Depression
LifeForce Yoga® Healing Institute

laughing woman

I don’t care who you are, you will laugh, whole heartedly and with meaning when Gita takes you through her unique Laughter Yoga class. Gita’s Laughter Yoga was both hilariously and instantly funny (and fun!), and at the same time physically a stretch, in several ways (for example, my abdominal muscles, which I purposely crunch at least 350 times each day, were deliciously sore the next day, feeling as if I had never exercised them in my life.) Gita’s personal presentation style is at once comical, moving, educational, and riveting as she shares her motivation and her journey.

— Jae Jesse Lee
Body & Soul Fitness Training
A Soulful Approach to a Healthier Life
Stretch your body...
Stretch your mind...

When I first heard about Laughter Yoga, I thought, “Finally!  An exercise I can do!”  I had read Norman Cousins' Anatomy of an Illness so was well aware of the documented benefits of laughter.  But I was still not prepared for the effects I've experienced.  Since I have been regularly attending Gita’s laughter yoga classes, the stress still present in my job and home life has not affected me as before.  I am able to function with a lighter heart — I worry less, laugh more, and I'm making better choices for my health.  I've also been sleeping deeper and uninterrupted through the night!  And it’s so much fun — I love setting aside time to laugh regularly!

“The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”

— Mark Twain

Gita has an infectious laugh and brings a spirit of play to all the exercises — after a day of problem-solving and computer work, it feels like an adult ‘play group!’  The deep relaxation period at the end of the class showcases Gita's extensive yoga training, as her soothing voice lulls us into deeper and deeper states of relaxation and inner peace.

— Lucy Silva-Stump CPS/CAP
Administrative Professional

Gita led the best laughter event I have ever been to! Including Laffs Comedy Cafe and anything else!

— Jim Twomey
Certified Laughter Leader through World Laughter Tour
Co-Founder Tucson Laughter Club

The day of my Laughter Yoga class with Gita, my arthritis had flared up, my body was aching and in pain.  I entered with a frown on my face, wondering how I would ever get through it.


Laughter is God's hand on the shoulder of a troubled world.

— Anonymous

I laughed and laughed! We all laughed and laughed.  I sat in a chair while others sat on the floor.  It was easy to do.  Gita was joyful, caring and knowledgeable.  

When our class ended, I realized I did not have an ache or pain in my body, plus had a big smile. I was relaxed and felt as light as a feather plus happy, happy, happy. I am so grateful to Gita and look forward to the next class. 

— Audrey Edwards
Retired R.N. and X-ray Technician

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